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"Finding Amelia" is a horror game in which you'll help Brittany find her daughter.


WASD: Move

E: Actions

F: flashlight

Mouse Drag - Inspect and Rotate

Updated 7 days ago
Published 24 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorsLuMon, 아벨 퀴논, JohanMangu, Angelica Lora
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
TagsFPS, Global Game Jam, Horror
Average sessionA few minutes


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Here's my playthrough. I did have some issues about the movement and mouse sensitivity. It was a little difficult to get around at times, but doable.  I go a little more into detail in the video, more towards the end!

Hey there Devs! Congratulations on this game. I loved the gameplay and asthetics of it. The intro music was my fav haha.  Actually, I've made a video playing this game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy (likes and subs are highly appreciated, Thank you! :D) Keep the good work!

Heyyyyy, Thanks so much for playing and reacting to this game.  You reaction is so much fun keep it up with the yt channel.

Thank you so much LuMon! I'm just starting out, and feedbacks like that is what keeps me doing this! <3

An interesting game. Had a lot of fun testing it.

Thanks for having the time to play it! We really appreciate it.

Hello dear sir, i also gave it a try and there are a lot of issues, im not here to say anything bad but im going to just lay them out for you.
>Charachter movement is very bad, you should create an empty scene and work on the movement till you are satisfied, also remove the jump.
>You have to use spatial 3d for you sounds, as you can see from the video a lot of sounds just start and stop (the radio and television
>Missing options menu, this is really important because not every mouse speed is your mouse speed, for me the mouse speed was horrible and also missing vsync causes huge issues with high refresh rate monitors, gpu ventilators go crazy on this.
>Missin occulusion culling, the game should run 240fps for me but if thats missing its not going to happen
>Effects are too heavy, with these you must be careful.
>Story is not that interesting, even with such a twist it was more of cringe at the end.

I hope my feedback allows you to take a second look on these issues and make it better, overall models are good looking, but when i look outside its not that beutiful, as a starting developer create a empty scene and start working on the character movement, gameplay first then visuals.


I have an update for you, using the 
La Quiero A Morir
Sergio Vargas
song without permission may cause you problems, i reccomend you to make your own or talk with someone who may give you permission to use song like this. This is a huge problem in todays world so be careful.

Thanks for taking the time on writing this review. We would take it in account.

About the music... we will fix it but since we are not getting any revenue with the game, I don't see it as major problem. We just used it because the game jam.

That was awesome! It was so "normal" and the end just shocked me to death! :O Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

Thanks for playing!

Pretty cool short game.  Hope to play more from you! First game of three. Subscribe please! 

Really happy you liked it.

Well....i did not like it.

ohh why? Your feedback will help us improve!

The story could be interesting and intriguing, but execution is not great. Triggers were repeating despite how many times you go in a room. Overuse of residential hq house, without adding anything new or unique. Same with sound effect, same with music. A bug that i encountered, ruined  the whole experience for me, preventing from finishing the game properly. Such bug should not happen in the first place, even if the game was made in a short amount of time.

Thanks for the feedback. We have a board with bugs and features... We will fix them.

Great game! Very underrated! The general look and atmosphere of the game is awesome, along with the general story and horror. Much more well-made than anything I’ve created and this game deserves more recognition 👏

Wow!! Thanks so much!! Glad you liked. We're going to be keep working in the game thanks to ppl like you. Stay tuned !

Cool idea albeit very short game. I think the movement controls let it down a little (you shouldn't fall down the stairs if you look at your feet) and there should be a way to exit the game at the end rather than force quit, but otherwise I liked it.

Thanks so much for the feedback!! We are making a list of bugs we should fix and this one is going to be part of it.

is there a option to turn down the volume or no?

No. But thanks to you It will be Implemented.

Thanks for playing 😃😃!

i haven't actually played it yet, but when the volume option is added i most certainly will, give me a head's up and i will would you also allow me to post a video.  i will give credit

The game had a huge twist and I was very shocked! It was very good and suspenseful


Wow thanks for you reaction!! We will share it on out social networks!


Oh? Why? 

Pls help us improve the game.

this is a short little horror game about a mom searching for her kid in her house it as a pretty surprising twist and was quite interesting no glitches from what I could see and overall pretty well made if you want to see my full reaction to this here it is

if you checked it out i appreciate it and consider liking and subscribing it really helps my channel grow

Wow thanks so much for your reaction. We will sharing it on our social networks!!

A very sad and horrific story! On the bright side, I loved the layout of the game (furniture, room decor, lighting and etc.). Both the downstairs and upstairs looked and felt like an actual family lives there, which really helps the player get immersed in the game and actually care about what is happening. Amelia's room is also very cute and unique!

Gameplay begins @ 08:43

Glad you liked it and reacted to it. We will share your reaction in our social networks.

A great game, with an excellent plot twist. Kudos to you!

Wow thanks!! 


Thanks so much for your reaction. <3

cool creepy story

Thanks. Glad you think is cool!

Some doors open when I'm far away.


It was really scary lololol I thought Amelia was going to kill me 

Hahahahahah Glad you enjoyed it.


Thanks for your feedback.  We will be fixing that.

can't open any door upstairs

(1 edit)

That's because they are locked and not accessible . We can fix that putting some text when the player is close to the door. 

What you think? Do you have any suggestions? We are happy to listen. 

Some doors are permanently locked, others unlock as you advance on the game.